60 Free, Yet Premium Quality WordPress Magazine News Themes

It happened so, that I’ve got 2 WordPress related articles in the row. Again I worked very hard on this one post this time offering 60 really premium like WordPress magazine news themes. Such themes are very handy if you have to display a lot of information on your site. For example this site should implement much more magazine type features, which still are on process – as featured slideshow, better sidebar usage showing even more posts from archives. Magazine type themes help to display and catch visitors attention making him stay on the page longer – which rewards in page-views and visit length time.

Well, just go through this article, enjoy quality and huge images and pick your new theme! And to explain myself, I did images so big because I wanted to give the best overview comparing rapidly all the themes just scrolling through this article, not visiting every page one by one. Of course, checking out demo pages give a lot better overview, but usually take a long time too. One more thing – I am adding also release date,month or year to each theme, so you can know how fresh and compatible with new WordPress versions that theme might be. Enjoy!

visite the source …

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